Face Sculpting

Our favorite way to lift, tone, and tighten the face.

We incorporate Hungarian face lift massage techniques, lymphatic drainage with deep targeted strokes to soften the appearance of fine lines, plump the skin and rejuvenate your natural glow.

20 min – $35

Convenient and accessible face sculpting for an instantly more toned appearance.

A custom blend of Gua Sha, Facial Cups and Cool Globes are used to naturally create space and movement in the underlying structures that lead to puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. This allows the skin to function better and leaves you contoured and glowing.

45 min – $60

This extended deep tissue massage showcases our unique muscle manipulation techniques. The Signature Sculpt focuses on tension release, deep relaxation, detoxification and targeted lymphatic drainage to leave you looking more sculpted and toned with enhanced facial definition.

The human face has 43 muscles working together to communicate and express our emotions. Over time, they take hold of certain positions that create fine lines.

Our goal with Face Sculpting is to provide resistance to your face muscles in very specific ways to activate and relax them. This makes them tighter and stronger with time and encourages new “muscle memory” pathways.

If you are able to lift and tone your body by exercise you’re also able to tone and lift your face muscles.