Welcome to OZA

Our History

OZA Day Spa is a holistic skin care & wellness studio founded in 2015 by Valerie and Jacqui Espinoza. OZA is defined as a tribute to the sisters’ last name.

 Their appreciation for holistic and hands on care has been inspired by their father. From him they learned the importance of listening, critical thinking, and creating mindful treatments plans for the individual. The sisters’ beauty philosophy has been inspired by their mother, who always reminded them that kindness and inner beauty is what shines the brightest.

Valerie & Jacqui are proud to share these gifts from their family with you. Blending their trades of holistic care, beauty and self love to bring you OZA Day Spa.

Our Philosophy

The OZA philosophy to beauty and wellness celebrates each client’s unique style and way of life. From our team of experts, clients receive only the best guidance in caring for their skin, mind and body.

We believe that a healthy and positive mindset to self care and wellness is the most sustainable way to embrace your individual beauty.

A note from Valerie & Jacqui

We take pride in listening, educating and encouraging our clients to bring out the best of themselves. We work with you to create a self care routine that is achievable for YOUR lifestyle. We encourage you to be your authentic self and embrace your individuality.